Ken Pott launched a lay counseling ministry that has been a desire of Grace Church for over 22 years and was well worth the wait. With great detail and precision, he trained many lay counselors who are faithfully caring for a number of hurting members in our church family. This ministry has been a tremendous help to the pastoral staff in the care giving of the people of Grace Church. The counselors provide a safe place for those needing a listening ear and wise counsel but not necessarily professional psychiatric care. However, when professional help is needed, there is an easy referral process to Ken to provide that care. I would highly recommend “lay counseling” to any pastor or church desiring to care for their flock in a personal way without exhausting your pastoral team. We believe Ken and his counselors are able to accomplish this goal.

Rick Long, Jim Malouff, Bob Krug, David Zevenbergen…Pastor/Elders of Grace Church of Arvada

I am so thankful for Ken and the counseling we received from him. My husband and I have been married for many years but we struggled with the ability to truly communicate. Ken taught us how to listen and hear what each other was saying. We are a different couple and our marriage is in a better place than we ever imagined it could be.

Anonymous Client